DawgHouse Radio Facts

The pack that constitutes the DawgHouse Radio consists of the host which is Ken Kaplan that is an avid enthusiast of motorcycling. The host had started riding an off-road type of motorcycle before exploring the wide world of the industry of motorcycle. It includes joining in the racing game of motocross and in ensuring the safety of riding and racing a motorcycle. He was also into designing a motorcycle that is custom made. He also was involved in the business of the operation of giving services involving a motorcycle.

He also had his own motorcycle team that races. This shows how broad is his knowledge of the racing industry. There are already hundreds of episodes that were aired in delivering anything that concerned the world of motorcycles. The media executive of the pack is Phil Worthington who loves motorcycle and was in the industry that involves the vehicle transportation specifically motorsports. They also have Drew Alexander as the co-host and also their racing correspondent.

He had owned many motorcycles and he also participated in many races during his time enjoying the world of motorcycling. The radio station is where you could get much news and other topics that are being discussed and all are related to the motorcycle world. There could be the fine day and the worst days for racers. There is also the day that one has won the race and there could be the day when analyzation are being published and interviews are being done.