Craving For Speed

There are many accidents that are happening around the world due to the reckless driving. It is not only that but also because of people who use the public road for their racing activity. There is something in racing and that is what draws many people from it. Some may not understand why people participate in racing. In any type of fast speed race, there is the feeling that only the ones who race could understand. That is the feeling of being in another state of mind as described by one racer.
The intense feeling of being fast is addictive that many people crave for it once they had experienced it. There is also a difference when they are on the race as all of the other noises becomes muted and they cannot hear anything but only concentrating on staying on the track, having the foot on the accelerator and being careful not to crash. As there are challenges set of the race track so racers should be able to foresee them and manage to past them.
Seconds are very important in this sort of sport and so the drivers must concentrate on the race and that is also the time that they could have the great feeling they are craving for. The speed they can experience and make seconds seem to be slow. This could be addictive to racers who had experienced it and they can crave for it just like an alcohol or drugs as described by one racer who made it his hobby.