Pit Crew

In the racing game for the Formula One Grand Prix, one of the most amazing works that could be witnessed is not just the racing of drivers but also the importance of the pit crew. The racing sport is one of the most watched racing game. It was already developed so that one driver could be able to drive a car and race to be able to reach the lowest time as possible so he could win the race. An importance is put on the driver.

But there is one thing that should also be taken into consideration and that is the pit crew. They are essential in the race so that the driver could concentrate on the racing event. The pit crew is the one who is composed of a team of about 20 or more people with one mission. They should change the tires of the racing car in as little time as possible and with the perfect way. They should change the tires in less than three seconds.

Their role is important and they also require a mutual cooperation for each member so the change of tire would go smoothly. They should be fast, precise and in the perfect order. If each of the members of the pit crew will not do their task, there could be the delay. That is why all of the members of the crew, the driver, the manager and the director should have the smooth mutual cooperation so that this would contribute to winning not just being the fastest one.